Saturday, December 19, 2020

Your Opinion

 “ Your opinion about yourself is the most important”! This is what keeps you going always!

There will be moments in life, that we do not feel worthy or appreciated. Remember! It’s from someone else’s perspective. A perspective which does not matter at all. Truly ! Who understands you the best! 

Honestly ! No one! And no one will be able to. You are a unique being . Sculpted and carved by your own perfections, imperfections, likes , dislikes and numerous experiences.

Joy and sorrow too add their own trimmings. No matter how much anyone thinks they understand you. It’s highly unlikely. We live various stages and phases of life by what is happening then . The situations change and so are you . You are evolving. So how will anyone be able to understand you to the fullest!

Just keep living! Do not be bothered by other’s perception of you. That’s theirs . They are entitled to their opinion . You know what you are!!

Be your truest self always!!

Good Morning beautiful Souls!!

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