Thursday, December 17, 2020

Woman’s Resilience

 A woman is type casted in various roles. Asked to perform so many acts . Mind you ! All to perfection and with ease!

From the time of her birth , she’s put into various mound already prepared by society! Well in Advance! Her check list is also prepared to perfection. The check list starts with , Be Lady like, Don’t behave like that, Don’t laugh so loudly, Be a perfect everything. From being a daughter, daughter in law, Mother , wife , so many roles.

Have you noticed , there’s never a Question about what truly makes you happy? They tell us not to laugh loudly! Have they ever said , it’s very unladylike to cry loudly . 

Does a woman’s dejection, despair , misery , tears are of no value. Does her value only come with perfection!

What happens if she doesn’t perform to perfection! What happens if she wants to carve a niche for herself and might not be so good at , for instance , cooking or keeping a house . Should she be punished for it. 

Why are moulds created to stifle a woman? Why? Does society time and again throttle her to death with their norms? Why after being educated, women still do not breathe freely?

So many why’s?? With no answers.

Just a resounding silence!

A deep Echo , in the form of an answer!!

A deep sigh and the death of hopes and dreams!!


  1. Very well written! 'Moulds created by society ' are not fit any of us. How often we forget that its the spark in the eyes...the beautiful moments and hearts which we are supposed to capture and not anything else. And
    Wonderful people like you whose creativity grows day by day there's no mould made for you... keep writing such lovely posts!

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments and kind words 😊💕You truly made my day 😊💕


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