Thursday, December 31, 2020

Wishes for 2021

 I start this beautiful dawn of 2021 , with a beautiful prayer for the citizens of the globe. May your hearts and hearths be filled with cheerful positivity . Poverty sees the far reaches of the globe . Eradicate negativity . Ma y we see the end of the Pandemic.  May only joy ride high in each one’s lives. 

May no heart know sorrow. Drive away hatred from the hearts of fellow beings. Let each rejoice on other’s happiness. The ones who have known losses in 2021, May they only know immense joy. 

Keep each one in a warm globe of warmth . Kindness becomes the mantra of the day. 

Please make a list of all that hurt you in 2020 . Write it down on a paper. Your swallowed pain and anger. Then crumple it and let your anger be released. Throw it in the dustbin .

Draw another list of all you would like in 2021 . Send it out in the Universe . See it Manifest.

As you say the prayer . Let’s include all in the group energy . I’m going to say “ Be it” for all your wishes . 

You can drop your wishes in the comments box as each one reads they can say “ Be  it” .

Hopefully each one’s will come true!! “ Be  it”. 

Stay blessed beautiful souls!! May each one only see the doorway to joy and happiness in Abundance!!


  1. I wish 'My all wishes come true in their best form!' And i say a thank prayer the most!!



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