Friday, December 11, 2020

Walk and yoga

 The power of walking! You must be thinking, God! Not one more article on walking!! Believe me! No scientific facts here . I hated science myself since school. Still do . What I am going to share is what it did to me. 

Firstly those few steps in the morning. Take me afar from my stress from bygones . I feel a new person walking out in the open . Waking upto a fresh start . A beautiful sunrise . The hope for new . Scientifically it must be doing a lot . I will not be getting into that now . It just gives me a new perspective to live my day beautifully. Keeps me rejuvenated and refreshed . 

Yoga helps me to do away with my bottled stress . Which incidentally we all like to keep it in an air tight bottle with a tight cap on . Rarely it fizzes out . When it does , you leave a battlefield behind, without actually realising it . All this I have learnt through my journey. How to let go . How to de-stress?

What works best for me is my walk and yoga. One teaches me to walk away . The other one teaches me how to breathe through it and continue breathing through life. 

Of course my yoga teacher’s favourite line goes” Shireen keep breathing . Breath is important “.

Truly now I have understood the meaning of real breathing and how important breath is . 

Good morning beautiful souls!! As promised no scientific facts . Just some heartfelt of mine . 

Keep Breathing and keep walking towards a better tomorrow. 

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