Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The last day

 The last day of 2020 emerges. I cannot use the phrase” dawned bright and Sunny” because incidentally it’s still misty and cloudy. A cold day!

This year has been tough, there’s no doubt about it. We had a mixed year. We went through various phases. Yet! I would still like to take a moment and send  gratitude.

It could have been worse. Many lost their loved ones to the battle of covid . Faced various losses. A new style of life had to be designed  . Apprehension and fear laced our breaths. The fear of covid and what it would be unravelling, kept taking us in it’s fearful grip. 

Today! In my quietest moments , I sit back and look at 2020. My dream of my blog was realised . My official poetry page came about and it’s growing . I truly have a reason to be immensely grateful and thankful . Indeed I feel blessed .

What I would like all of you to do . I practise a small exercise of gratitude on 31 st evening, since years . Make a list of your blessings, it’s just for you . You will find a lot to be thankful for . 

It really helps us to look at things differently. In the journey of life , numerous times , we are given something and simultaneously something is taken away from us . We find our strength and power to fight it out. We learn to grow . Life is a maze . We have to just learn just how to get to the end , in the best possible way.

Stay blessed beautiful souls!! 

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