Saturday, December 5, 2020

Sunday Bliss

 Sunday always brings mixed emotions . I start radiating joy and positivity. As the day starts going down, towards dusk my emotions take a 360 degrees turn . I’m thinking about the week ahead . Omg !! My positivity and happiness vanish like Cinderella’s chariot at midnight . All gone in a poof!!.

Okay now let’s talk about why I’m Positive on a s Sunday morning? I start my day with usually nothing planned out to the T. I like it to unfold lazily . Just like I do now from my warm bed on a winter Sunday morning. Sit with my piping hot cup of cappuccino. Looking out at the sky . Listening to the cheerful chirping of the birds . Then I think about what boring chores I have to do . Which incidentally, I Keep putt off during the week . Usually I like to finish my work on Saturday and then unwind and recharge my batteries for the week ahead . I feel like Cinderella’s ball is over . Now “ Sweetheart back to the Attic “.

Then I plan to visit my friends who I have not met for a long time . My ideal Sunday evening would be spent by a river in a bistro with my favourite coffee and book .Listening to my friends and watching the passer bys . 

The unadulterated pleasure and joy is always found in the simplest things . Which in today’s time unfortunately we don’t spend on that too. 

I always give a few hours on Sunday to myself. Sometimes I like to get a mini spa done . My treat to my week long Cinderella self . I make her feel important too😁. Sometimes it’s just a relaxing head massage. The reason why I’m sharing this is , you don’t have to look for huge pleasures to make you happy. Learn what makes you happy even in the basic .

Believe me!! Once you have identified it , even the present scenario of the Pandemic will not affect you . 

Good Morning Beautiful souls!! I would love to hear in the comments what works for you . Let’s have an interactive session today!!

Stay blessed. Stay safe . Stay smiling!!

Keep the power on of your Million Dollar Smile 😊


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  2. Wow Shireen! You actually expressed my mind in this blog. When Reading I was smiling to myself and saying wow this is so true. Visualizing the Sunday Bliss is so so so BLISSFUL brings peace and joy...Happy Blissful Sunday's to all....

  3. Thank you πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’•Yes the Bliss of Sunday

  4. We women often neglect ourselves running after the house or our jobs. We should learn how to love and pamper ourselves everyday. We should treat everyday as a Sunday. HAPPY SUNDAY FRIENDS. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  5. Just thinking of Sunday makes me feel relaxed, for me Sundays mean being lazy, not doing any work,just lazing around at home, slouching on the couch, calling friends or sitting on the patio or by the window watching the people walk by.
    Sundays are the best when the weather is warm which becomes a motivation to walk outside and observe the outdoors, absorb the sounds of nature. Sunday is a great day to maybe also go for a ride or a small picnic, maybe just in the backyard. Sundays bring nice feelings and thoughts to my head, Sundays mean a world of possibilities , fishing, camping, hiking or even just sightseeing.

  6. yes . Love to hear all your thoughts . So delightful😊

  7. Hi Beautiful, guess who?
    Well, this is a wonderful way of spending your time. Loved it, we need to find happiness in little things of life.❤️

    I too give myself quality time. Just relaxing because the day never ends for us women. I take the day out doing nothing actually.
    Love yeah, guess.
    Merlyn Thomas.

  8. Thank you dear Friend. Really appreciate you being here . Loads of Love πŸ’•


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