Friday, December 4, 2020

Rebecca Kidnapped

 Rebecca rested for almost 10 days . She was feeling much better . John had never left her side for more than a couple of hours a day . He would come 2,3 times in a day and spend a long time with her . Reading to her . Taking care of her food . He was the perfect caregiver anyone could hope for. 

Tonight was a big society ball , an annual event at the Greenby’s Estate Manor House . A huge Establishment. The Creme la Creme would be here tonight . Rebecca was feeling happier after a long time . She did not want anything to mar her happiness . She wore a lovely Ruby vine velvet gown . With lace trimmings and a beautiful ruby set . She was looking a bit pale but beautiful. 

She reached the Ball in high spirits . She was like the most sought after celebrity tonight . Everyone enquiring after her health . Her friends were very happy to see her . She met John out in the dark corner of the terrace for sometime. He placed a welcoming kiss on her lips . Then they got busy with the dancing . 

As Rebecca was going towards the table to eat something. A small boy dropped a message in her palm . A folded piece of paper. She opened it and lost her colour . It just said “ Come quickly outside! It’s urgent! Waiting for you!” . It was signed as John . She panicked and without thinking twice , she walked quickly towards the door . 

She came out , there was no one . Suddenly she heard muffled footsteps . She was just turning . When she felt something hard on her scalp . Then everything became dark . 

John was watching Rebecca from across the room . He felt odd , when she was rushing towards the door . He followed her . He just came out in time to see the carriage going away . A black Hackney . Rebecca was nowhere in sight . Just then he spotted his friend. Quickly explained to him . Called their other friend, who was standing close to the door . Quickly they called for a carriage and rushed .

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