Friday, December 11, 2020

Power of Praying

 A quote written by a famous Saint” When you truly pray for others, the need to pray for yourself ceases”!! My favourite,Quote from Imam Ali(a.s).

Believe me!! I have been doing this for years . Praying for others . Praying for world peace . The satisfaction is immense . Praying for others fills you with a wondrous feeling. Maybe your prayers are working their way back towards someone ‘s happiness. Someone’s troubles are being washed away due to your prayers . 

Never undermine the power of praying for others . Remember your account is getting credited . 

I have noticed since I have been praying , I rarely pray for myself anymore. I feel I just get taken care of . It’s a lovely feeling to be remembered in someone’s heart and prayers . 

This is my legacy which I want to leave behind .

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