Sunday, December 13, 2020

Measuring up

 How we all hate this statement? So many times callously used by others . Without realising the harm they do . 

Believe me!! Even your actions and emotions construe this very strongly . Specially in front of children, be very careful. You might be thinking they do not sense it. They do it. They might not be letting on. But it’s sitting somewhere deep in their system. 

No one has to and should measure up to another’s standards. Why should you? We are all made differently, beautifully and uniquely. We are all signature pieces of the creators. That one creator designed us but differently . 

Then how will we all be similar . How boring would it be! Imagine!

You know yourself the best . Never let another’s judgement make you feel any less . That’s their perception and from a space they are coming from. You don’t know their space, their traumas and their experiences. So just chill . Enjoy life .

Remember after all this we are still not getting out of it Alive . So! Live to the Best!! Love yourself abundantly!! Enjoy to the hilt!!

Good Morning beautiful souls!! Monday Morning! Phew πŸ˜…. Trying to beat the blues . Paint the pinks( Mu favourite colour) . Changing the phrase to my liking 😜.

Stay blessed . Stay safe 😊

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