Thursday, December 10, 2020

“ Me Time” Mandatory

 Lately I have come across a lot of dissatisfied posts from women . You can see a growing rise of frustration and antagonism in them. Reason being available 24/7. Please! Don’t get me wrong here . What I mean is . Women are juggling a lot of different roles from the same domain . 

Earlier when they stepped out for work. They would leave all their worries at home . Only concentrating on work . When they entered the house after 6 or 8 hours . That’s when they would again focus on the house and family . But now work from home could be a bane or boon , I really don’t know. 

Now she’s getting the children ready for online classes . Logs in for her work . In between she’s juggling the cooking or other household chores . Being cooped up at home all the time, could be rising her frustration levels .

Earlier she would step out and find her break . Meet friends over coffee . Catch a good movie at the theatres . Just go for some shopping . Visit a bookstore . She had a lot of choices . Her favourite would be booking her herself for a spa day .

Well! Now what you could do is , plan at home .

Allot some free or Me time . Meaning strictly yours . 

If you want to catch a movie . Treat the children to a nice one too. Play a favourite movie of theirs with popcorn . Creating the effect at home . Believe me! They will love it and so would you. 

You have to take out that time for yourself. Meet a friend. If you are apprehensive about sitting at a coffee shop . Look for an outdoor one . Grab a coffee ☕️ or maybe take the coffee and go for a short spin.

Change is inevitable and we have to live with the change by searching a new . It can be very taxing and frustrating. The reason why I’m sharing this today is , I went through my own share and discovered small ways of combating it . So far it’s worked . 

You have to take out some time for yourself. Where you are left alone doing what you like . The day you don’t feel like cooking , don’t beat yourself about it . Make it something light or call for a take away . 

The pandemic is quite stubborn. He likes us . He wants to stay and enjoy our hospitality for some more time . That was on a lighter note . 

Let’s look for ways to keep our sanity going. 

Stay blessed. Stay safe .

Keep breathing. 

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