Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Live in the Moment

 “ Live in the Moment “. “ Shireen always be present in the moment”. This is how my first yoga session had started 5 years ago . In my hearts of hearts , it was all Greek and Latin to me . I was thinking , “ I’m living! Now what is living in the Moment ?

I was thinking! Now after repeatedly practising  for years . I have come to understand it so well. 

We as humans are always either thinking about the past or what has to be done I would also be doing that a lot . I was a  worrier. I would sitting in a party or a wedding and busy drafting my Mental 

Checklist . Ticking what was done . Underlining what still had to be done . It resulted in me becoming more anxious . Losing out on all the happy , fun moments with family and friends . 

I took control of my thoughts , Thanks to Yoga . Now I understand it fully . The great Pandemic has made it even more clearer . Don’t postpone anything for tomorrow. We rarely do if Tomorrow comes! Will it ? Or will it not? Who knows?

When I step out of the house . I leave my to do , not done , has to be done lists at home . I truly having fun and enjoying the moment . Enjoying myself to the hilt. Like Cinderella I enjoy the ball. Once I’m home , I get back into the attic 😉.

The reason behind penning this down today is , many people think like this today . Just live in the moment truly . 

Do what your heart feels like . But that outfit. Have that coffee , Indulge in your favourite dessert , meet your friends, go on that road trip .

Live it !!

We are all going to go away . No one’s staying here forever!!

Good Morning beautiful souls!!

Stay blessed. Stay Safe .

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