Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Life as a Desert

 Today my thoughts are inspired by my poem on Desert . While writing and looking up for desert pictures , these thoughts flowed into my mind . Isn’t life like a desert . 

Life starts as barren as a desert . Over the years we plant what survives in the desert. What stands against the harshness . Then sometimes we are lucky to find an oasis . A cool , refreshing one . Cool as a spring stream .

We weather the sting of Dust storms . Buried deep in it . It stings our whole being . Yet we fight and come out of the layers in which we are buried . Learning the technique of survival.

We only work hard towards searching for a lovely oasis . Which will quench our thirst . Give us some respite from the harshness . We travel miles afar . Sometimes we find it . Sometimes we keep traveling endlessly. Sometimes we do not find it in our entire journey . 

That’s Life !!

Good Morning beautiful people!! Stay blessed. Stay safe .

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