Sunday, December 27, 2020

Importance of Hobby

 Importance of Hobby in a child’s life is paramount.

Hobby cultivates and betters their multiple intelligence . Giving them a different perspective to life lessons .

The more they venture into hobbies , the more their multiple intelligence will be enhanced . It’s something which they should be doing apart from academics. Whether it’s sports , music or a skill.

You never know they might build a career in that . It gives them food for thought . Showing that they could even make a living doing one of those . 

For a child to grow and develop holistically, it’s very important. Being a special educator for the last 15 years , I have seen how my students have done well in their respective fields . Their hobbies went on to become their careers later on .

Baking , Pottery , Drama ,singing ,Public Speaking  ,music  , stitching , embroidery , cooking, Photography.

Careers can be made in any of these fields . Encourage your children or wards to take up hobbies . 

Hopefully we will see more artistic souls in 2021.

More Beethoven’s , Michael Angelo ‘s , Leonardo da Vinci  and many more . 

All the Best !!


  1. I totally assent to your words, i myself took my passion forward taking off from lecture job in women's college.
    After founding the 'the hobby club" school of activities..realized how my hobby of art n cooking became my profession.
    Wish many young parents will get enlighten by your article n takes the hobby development in their kids seriously.

  2. It’s truly an enlightening experience. To pursue what your heart desires!! May you move ahead and scale soaring heights . All the Best!!😊


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