Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Finish Each Day

 Finish each day as it comes. Complete it . Whatever and however it was, give it a closure before you sleep . Intend for the next day to be a good one . 

We tend to carry on the misgivings and unhappiness. , into our today . That’s when we don’t “ live in the moment “. We are busy harping on our losses or how it should have been . When you learn to live each day to it’s best . 

Make a strong intention for the next day to be a good one . Universe listens to strong intentions and a stubborn heart. 

The best we can always do is hope for the best.

These small practices in life take us through the storms . Through thick and thin , we still learn to survive. 

After all life is nothing but the “ Survival of the fittest “.

This lesson the Great Pandemic has really driven home . 

What has helped many people is maintaining a gratitude journal. We tend to be caught up with so many things in life . We forget our blessings. Every day just mention in few words, what you have been grateful for . Towards the end of the month , you will have a lot to be grateful for . 

Stay blessed. Staysafe .

Practice Gratitude at all times .

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