Sunday, December 20, 2020

Disastrous Monday

 I tried fighting the Monday Blues, but to no avail. I woke up in a terrible mood . I don’t know whether it was the Monday blues or my moods. My coffee tasted terrible. I was forced to make a second cup. I had just made it, when I knocked it by mistake . 

I had to clean up the whole mess. Leaving me in a more messy mood . Anyway ,I resulted in logging in late . My class was okay . But the best part was , I forgot an important appointment. I left for it hurriedly . 

Guess what awaited me!! A bumper to bumper , traffic jam . I was doomed . Then to topi it further . There was an accident too. As usual they got down to fighting a duel . I was seething in anger . Using every curse word , incidentally ., I don’t know many . Whatever I know from my own Dictionary, was repeated . I’m sure my B.P must have hit the roof . 

By now I needed a strong doze of caffeine. A huge dessert in chocolate. Next on my agenda. 

I reached the clinic and my doctor had left . Calling her, I got a mouthful to hear . A long lecture on punctuality and to  value time. It did not stop at that, I also was invited for a class on Time Management as well. Of all the things .

I drove straight to my coffee shop . I ordered for a huge cup of cappuccino and my favourite dessert . I kept waiting . Of all the days they were per- booked today . My resolve did not tether . I decided to sit in my car and enjoy it. I was also in a stubborn mood . I was not going to let anything spoil my time with coffee and dessert . 

Anyway I sat in the car and enjoyed it. 

My coffee and Dessert always do come to my rescue.

This is when I miss Santa 🎅. 

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