Saturday, December 5, 2020

Daily chores for Teenagers

 In today’s times , making teenagers self sufficient is very important. I would say mandatory. It’s a must know .

More than them knowing how to manage in life , it works on their skill development too. 

Fine motor , Gross motor, eye hand co- ordination . It’s mandatory for their movement too. 

It’s a growing need for boys and girls to knowall the household chores. From cooking ,  , washing , ironing . It’s not the domain or perogative of girls . It’s necessary for both . Today the women are busy multi tasking . They cannot be doing everything and managing everything to the hilt . Everyone has to pitch in . 

It teaches them how to manage their time . How to multi task. If tomorrow there is no help , in any given situation, they should be doing all this . 

I strongly  recommend it for teenage boys too. Just don’t be busy imparting skill development to your Princesses  , please make the Prince’s work too. 

It’s the decade to work . So strive to be meticulous like Cinderella and master the chores!!

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