Sunday, December 6, 2020

Authentic Me

 How did I discover her ? Do you think it was an easy task ? In this world of shadows and veils , I had to struggle too. 

I was often called too blunt , too frank and maybe at times “ Brutually Honest”. One think about me was , What I felt in my heart!! Was always expressed in my words . I believe in saying what you feel. I’m not someone who believes in sugar coating her words . Though an ardent fan of desserts , a die hard sweet lover . Anything in chocolate beckons me from miles afar . But my words can be plain , bland and maybe sometimes sour . 

I always believed in being my true self . Authentic , honest and open . I don’t believe in mincing words . My policy is simple in life , if you are good with me , I’ll walk the ends if the world for you . But if you rub me the wrong way then you are offered the worst of me . The choice is totally yours . Okay!! Relax I’m not so bad . 

Always believe fully in what you would want to do . When you truly realise and understand yourself, you will realise your purpose too. In this journey half the problems come up because we are too busy trying to comprehend ourselves. Which in turn makes us make bad choices . You are one of a kind . Always Remember that . So do what works for you. What makes your soul sing and dance . Keeps your heart at ease. Don’t stress too much , Eveb after all this we are no way coming out of this alive . So make most of the party , while it is still on . 

Have a blessed day ahead . Keep smiling .

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