Thursday, December 31, 2020

Wishes for 2021

 I start this beautiful dawn of 2021 , with a beautiful prayer for the citizens of the globe. May your hearts and hearths be filled with cheerful positivity . Poverty sees the far reaches of the globe . Eradicate negativity . Ma y we see the end of the Pandemic.  May only joy ride high in each one’s lives. 

May no heart know sorrow. Drive away hatred from the hearts of fellow beings. Let each rejoice on other’s happiness. The ones who have known losses in 2021, May they only know immense joy. 

Keep each one in a warm globe of warmth . Kindness becomes the mantra of the day. 

Please make a list of all that hurt you in 2020 . Write it down on a paper. Your swallowed pain and anger. Then crumple it and let your anger be released. Throw it in the dustbin .

Draw another list of all you would like in 2021 . Send it out in the Universe . See it Manifest.

As you say the prayer . Let’s include all in the group energy . I’m going to say “ Be it” for all your wishes . 

You can drop your wishes in the comments box as each one reads they can say “ Be  it” .

Hopefully each one’s will come true!! “ Be  it”. 

Stay blessed beautiful souls!! May each one only see the doorway to joy and happiness in Abundance!!

A note of Thanks!

 I would sincerely like to thank each one of you , who have been visiting my blog . Thank you for the encouragement and helping my blog grow. Without you all it would not have been possible.

Thank you and stay blesssed!

In the journey of blogging , I came across a lot of beautiful souls . May you be blessed immensely .

Stay tuned for more stories in 2021!

Hopefully the year will be good for all of us and the world peace.

Keep the faith going 😊

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The last day

 The last day of 2020 emerges. I cannot use the phrase” dawned bright and Sunny” because incidentally it’s still misty and cloudy. A cold day!

This year has been tough, there’s no doubt about it. We had a mixed year. We went through various phases. Yet! I would still like to take a moment and send  gratitude.

It could have been worse. Many lost their loved ones to the battle of covid . Faced various losses. A new style of life had to be designed  . Apprehension and fear laced our breaths. The fear of covid and what it would be unravelling, kept taking us in it’s fearful grip. 

Today! In my quietest moments , I sit back and look at 2020. My dream of my blog was realised . My official poetry page came about and it’s growing . I truly have a reason to be immensely grateful and thankful . Indeed I feel blessed .

What I would like all of you to do . I practise a small exercise of gratitude on 31 st evening, since years . Make a list of your blessings, it’s just for you . You will find a lot to be thankful for . 

It really helps us to look at things differently. In the journey of life , numerous times , we are given something and simultaneously something is taken away from us . We find our strength and power to fight it out. We learn to grow . Life is a maze . We have to just learn just how to get to the end , in the best possible way.

Stay blessed beautiful souls!! 

Monday, December 28, 2020

Women’s various roles

 Women have donned various roles through history and life . Women have come out into the battlefield to fight their wars . Even in the battlefield of life , they are constantly fighting battles. 

Women are strong and resilient creatures by birth. We veil ourselves in softness and tenderness and easily malleable to every situation and circumstance in life .

But never doubt a woman’s hidden inbuilt strength. Where she can show her softness, she can even display her unmatched strength . Pulled out from her deep hidden resorvoirs. 

Many women from history have fought for their rights and protected what was theirs . Lady fatima , Prophet’s daughter, fought for the injustice meted out to her . She fought for her right and showed the world that Islam believes in women standing up for their rights . Her daughter Bibi Zainab , fought for her rights through out Damascus . They believed in girls being educated. Bibi Zainab was an excellent calligrapher, orator and an artist . This was almost 1500 years ago . If in those days they encouraged girls to fortify themselves in the armour of education. Today would they not!

Never think women and girls should be devoid of education and rights . Every walk of life and religion does give it to them. We have women from history too, Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi, so many more . Women can fight any wars but do not keep them bereft of their basic rights.

Educate your girl child ! It’s mandatory and the biggest wealth you can give her .

More power to women and girls .

Stay blessed. Stay safe .

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Gratitude πŸ™

 The countdown to the year 2021 has already begun. I don’t want to set any resolutions and goals . No pressures! No stress!

Just want to take each day as it comes.

Pandemic has taught me a very important lesson, do not plan and schedule excessively.

Let go ! Breathe and Enjoy each day as it comes. Surprisingly ! Since I have been doing this , I’m feeling much better too😊.

I just want to sincerely thank all my well wishers, my dear friends and family! Who have been very supportive in my journey .

Today I just want to sincerely thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart.

Thankful, Blessed!

Truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life . Stay blessed. Stay safe .

Let’s call in 2021 with a lot of positivity and gratitude.

Importance of Hobby

 Importance of Hobby in a child’s life is paramount.

Hobby cultivates and betters their multiple intelligence . Giving them a different perspective to life lessons .

The more they venture into hobbies , the more their multiple intelligence will be enhanced . It’s something which they should be doing apart from academics. Whether it’s sports , music or a skill.

You never know they might build a career in that . It gives them food for thought . Showing that they could even make a living doing one of those . 

For a child to grow and develop holistically, it’s very important. Being a special educator for the last 15 years , I have seen how my students have done well in their respective fields . Their hobbies went on to become their careers later on .

Baking , Pottery , Drama ,singing ,Public Speaking  ,music  , stitching , embroidery , cooking, Photography.

Careers can be made in any of these fields . Encourage your children or wards to take up hobbies . 

Hopefully we will see more artistic souls in 2021.

More Beethoven’s , Michael Angelo ‘s , Leonardo da Vinci  and many more . 

All the Best !!

Saturday, December 26, 2020


 “ Are we nothing more than a recycled tragedy”

This was the poem prompt , I had to write on . What made me really ponder was , is it apt!

Isn’t this close to the pattern of life. Generations and decades and centuries ago , are being recycled into a tragic better living.

It’s so ironical when the Pandemic broke out , we were comparing it to a flu in 1920.

Then surprisingly as more data was unearthed . Some more epidemics had struck out in 1720,1820, so on and so forth.

Then people who had some experience of then started sharing some information. Isn’t it interesting to note that are being processed a little better to handle a periodic cycle!

Is it that we are re -inventing ourselves better in the centuries which follow . Brand new mechanisms to handle pathos and satire better . 

If you go back to the Renaissance and the Literary Renaissance, which was brought about Shaw and Shakespeare. They wrote on the Society’s doings in various Satires. Don’t the writers and poets of the present Era do the same ! Then how are we different!

Do we evolve just to handle it better to a brand new mould.

It’s a thought to Ponder πŸ€” 

Good Morning Beautiful souls . Stay blessed. Stay safe.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Morning

 There’s something very beautiful about a Christmas Morning . Everyone sits around exchanging gifts! Excitement rants the air . Getting ready to indulge in a Christmas breakfast. 

I always visualise a beautiful table laid out with delicacies. Warm baking smells! Grandma feeding the children. Cookies, hot cocoa , coffee , gingerbread man , candies all laid out . Warm crusty bread straight from the oven!

Enjoying the breakfast. Sitting around the hearth . Then getting ready for Christmas lunch. Shared morsels together leaves a different feel.

Food always does play an important role in all the celebrations πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ. Warm aroma wafting from the oven and kitchen . 

A warmth engulfs all. The spirit of giving strongly reinforced . 

Sharing is caring ! Definitely! 

The essence of our living too. Trimmed with small acts of kindness!!

Merry Christmas πŸŽ„ to all you beautiful souls out there! Let’s enjoy the spirit of ChristmasπŸŽŠπŸ’πŸŽ‰πŸŽ„πŸŽ

May your hearts and hearths be abundantly blessed πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ’πŸŽ„πŸŽ

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The joy of sharing

 I always felt Christmas is more about sharing . Gifting Abundantly . By Gifting , I don’t mean materialisticaly .The art of sharing with others . Showing appreciation. 

Gifting is the other word for gratitude. We gift differently. Sometimes we gift by praying for others . Sometimes just being there . Sometimes helping out . Gratitude and sharing comes in various forms . 

Planting a smile on a sorrowful face . Wiping someone’s tears . Complimenting people . We all live to receive gifts . Who doesn’t? Let’s spread the cheer of positivity. Gifting people in Abundance by being there for them. Show kindness , it costs nothing . 

Merry Christmas πŸŽ„ πŸ’πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ

Let’s share and gift the world with cheerful, positive vibes!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Jar of Hope



A beautiful jar of hope lit with positivity for the citizens of the Globe! 

Please fill it with your lovely wishes!!

Let’s send out the cheers and good tidings put in the world . Let us all come together and wish for the best!!

Please take a minute and drop a wish in this jar . Leave your wishes in the comments section!!

Let’s fill this jar and keep the candle burning!!😊

Little Moments of Joy

 When things look bleak ! That’s when pull out your little treasures from the treasure chest of memories . Those little moments of joy , happy moments help you in hoping. Takes you forward. Savour those moments.

Life is a series of change . We are going through a tough time . There’s no doubt about that . There are two ways to overcome it . Either you keep worrying about the present moment or you start envisaging a beautiful future ahead .

Your thoughts are in your control. How you steer it, it’s upto you . Some things are beyond our control. But what’s in ours is ours totally. Your thoughts are totally , exclusively yours . 

In the moment , while living , how can you make it better . Look for little pleasures .

I didn’t realise how much I was missing my favourite cookies , which I usually like to have . Once in a while with my mug of cappuccino. I had today . It’s definitely not much . But made me feel good . 

We have to keep looking for small moments of joy . That’s what is going to keep you going and help us cross the bridge .

So you beautiful souls out there.  Start working on it . 

Hopefully I’m not sounding like a boring teacher here 😁😁

My secret list to Santa

 Dear Santa 

Firstly please drop an unlimited supply of chocolates, preferably low cal. Hopefully Mars could top the list followed by Galaxy .

Just making life easier for you 😁

Then all my favourite chocolate desserts .

one year paid membership to Sephora with  all my favourite makeup brands πŸ˜‰

I can feel Santa getting a fit already!

But Santa πŸŽ…, I’m still not done.

Free traveling packages to all my favourite places inclusive of spas . 

Just a little humour . We all need it !

Do not stop wishing. Wishes do come true. 

Do not let the child like quality in you die either . Keep the child in you mischievous and laughing just like Santa’s naughty Elves!!

Stay blessed beautiful souls!!

 Get down to making your secret Santa list!

Lastly a special note for Santa πŸŽ…. You can choose any two from the above . Being an English teacher , I believe in giving multiple choice questions. Santa any two are good by meπŸ˜πŸ’πŸŽπŸŽŠπŸŽ„πŸŽ‰πŸŽ…

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Disastrous Monday

 I tried fighting the Monday Blues, but to no avail. I woke up in a terrible mood . I don’t know whether it was the Monday blues or my moods. My coffee tasted terrible. I was forced to make a second cup. I had just made it, when I knocked it by mistake . 

I had to clean up the whole mess. Leaving me in a more messy mood . Anyway ,I resulted in logging in late . My class was okay . But the best part was , I forgot an important appointment. I left for it hurriedly . 

Guess what awaited me!! A bumper to bumper , traffic jam . I was doomed . Then to topi it further . There was an accident too. As usual they got down to fighting a duel . I was seething in anger . Using every curse word , incidentally ., I don’t know many . Whatever I know from my own Dictionary, was repeated . I’m sure my B.P must have hit the roof . 

By now I needed a strong doze of caffeine. A huge dessert in chocolate. Next on my agenda. 

I reached the clinic and my doctor had left . Calling her, I got a mouthful to hear . A long lecture on punctuality and to  value time. It did not stop at that, I also was invited for a class on Time Management as well. Of all the things .

I drove straight to my coffee shop . I ordered for a huge cup of cappuccino and my favourite dessert . I kept waiting . Of all the days they were per- booked today . My resolve did not tether . I decided to sit in my car and enjoy it. I was also in a stubborn mood . I was not going to let anything spoil my time with coffee and dessert . 

Anyway I sat in the car and enjoyed it. 

My coffee and Dessert always do come to my rescue.

This is when I miss Santa πŸŽ…. 

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Your Opinion

 “ Your opinion about yourself is the most important”! This is what keeps you going always!

There will be moments in life, that we do not feel worthy or appreciated. Remember! It’s from someone else’s perspective. A perspective which does not matter at all. Truly ! Who understands you the best! 

Honestly ! No one! And no one will be able to. You are a unique being . Sculpted and carved by your own perfections, imperfections, likes , dislikes and numerous experiences.

Joy and sorrow too add their own trimmings. No matter how much anyone thinks they understand you. It’s highly unlikely. We live various stages and phases of life by what is happening then . The situations change and so are you . You are evolving. So how will anyone be able to understand you to the fullest!

Just keep living! Do not be bothered by other’s perception of you. That’s theirs . They are entitled to their opinion . You know what you are!!

Be your truest self always!!

Good Morning beautiful Souls!!

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Woman’s Resilience

 A woman is type casted in various roles. Asked to perform so many acts . Mind you ! All to perfection and with ease!

From the time of her birth , she’s put into various mound already prepared by society! Well in Advance! Her check list is also prepared to perfection. The check list starts with , Be Lady like, Don’t behave like that, Don’t laugh so loudly, Be a perfect everything. From being a daughter, daughter in law, Mother , wife , so many roles.

Have you noticed , there’s never a Question about what truly makes you happy? They tell us not to laugh loudly! Have they ever said , it’s very unladylike to cry loudly . 

Does a woman’s dejection, despair , misery , tears are of no value. Does her value only come with perfection!

What happens if she doesn’t perform to perfection! What happens if she wants to carve a niche for herself and might not be so good at , for instance , cooking or keeping a house . Should she be punished for it. 

Why are moulds created to stifle a woman? Why? Does society time and again throttle her to death with their norms? Why after being educated, women still do not breathe freely?

So many why’s?? With no answers.

Just a resounding silence!

A deep Echo , in the form of an answer!!

A deep sigh and the death of hopes and dreams!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Christmas Landscape

 As a child I was always fascinated by Christmas. In love with the whole feel of it. Incidentally which has grown stronger over the years . The white snowy landscape. The blazing hearths from the beautiful wooded houses. Illuminate everything to a golden sparkle around them . Beautiful shadows cast around . Which help you in forgetting your painful shadows .

The glowing cheer of red and green, Mistletoes, Carols , stars , bells of hope . The white is being splashed with red , gold and green . There is a beautiful festivity in the air. 

The cheer is infectious . It’s truly “ Deck the halls with boughs of Holly” “ Fa la la la”. 

This time of the year , I always remember the story of the “ Little Match Girl”, which was read to me by my loving father. I miss him. But what I always took back from the story was, how blessed I was and the positivity. Which I still carry around with me. With my smile in place. 

Let’s spread the cheer in the air and hope for a beautiful , Smashing 2021.

Hopefully the cheer finds it’s way to each of your Hearths and keeps it warm. 

Good Morning Beautiful souls !!

Stay blessed. Stay safe .

“ Joy to the World “

Tuesday, December 15, 2020


 As I was growing up , I decorated a lot of dreams. Thinking they usually come true . Hoping they would . Then I realised, they are just dreams . Meant not to manifest or rather to be broken repeatedly. 

The reality started creeping in slowly into my being . Taking over the realm of imagination and dream like quality of my thoughts . I felt like a drill sergeant. There was a time in my life where I could not pen down a single word . Then one day , the dream like quality of my being fought with the drill sergeant . Rest is history like they say .

Today I have my blog . My heartfelt poems and that reality has to be there but only with dreams . Dreams take you to a field outside your realm of life for sometime. Hoping against hope for a lot.

Sometimes ! We do need that too. To keep us going. 

What the universe manifests , it’s totally upto it. We can hope , envisage , dream and breathe . 

Today the world is in a turmoil . Basic existence has become a Herculean task for many . Anxiety attacks are on the rise . The will to live is being lost. Then what comes to your rescue . The desire to hope .

Hope for the Best!!

Let’s hope together and throw it out to the universe . We want a Rocking 2021. Please make it happen . 

Stay blessed. Stay safe .

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Measuring up

 How we all hate this statement? So many times callously used by others . Without realising the harm they do . 

Believe me!! Even your actions and emotions construe this very strongly . Specially in front of children, be very careful. You might be thinking they do not sense it. They do it. They might not be letting on. But it’s sitting somewhere deep in their system. 

No one has to and should measure up to another’s standards. Why should you? We are all made differently, beautifully and uniquely. We are all signature pieces of the creators. That one creator designed us but differently . 

Then how will we all be similar . How boring would it be! Imagine!

You know yourself the best . Never let another’s judgement make you feel any less . That’s their perception and from a space they are coming from. You don’t know their space, their traumas and their experiences. So just chill . Enjoy life .

Remember after all this we are still not getting out of it Alive . So! Live to the Best!! Love yourself abundantly!! Enjoy to the hilt!!

Good Morning beautiful souls!! Monday Morning! Phew πŸ˜…. Trying to beat the blues . Paint the pinks( Mu favourite colour) . Changing the phrase to my liking 😜.

Stay blessed . Stay safe 😊

Friday, December 11, 2020

Power of Praying

 A quote written by a famous Saint” When you truly pray for others, the need to pray for yourself ceases”!! My favourite,Quote from Imam Ali(a.s).

Believe me!! I have been doing this for years . Praying for others . Praying for world peace . The satisfaction is immense . Praying for others fills you with a wondrous feeling. Maybe your prayers are working their way back towards someone ‘s happiness. Someone’s troubles are being washed away due to your prayers . 

Never undermine the power of praying for others . Remember your account is getting credited . 

I have noticed since I have been praying , I rarely pray for myself anymore. I feel I just get taken care of . It’s a lovely feeling to be remembered in someone’s heart and prayers . 

This is my legacy which I want to leave behind .

Walk and yoga

 The power of walking! You must be thinking, God! Not one more article on walking!! Believe me! No scientific facts here . I hated science myself since school. Still do . What I am going to share is what it did to me. 

Firstly those few steps in the morning. Take me afar from my stress from bygones . I feel a new person walking out in the open . Waking upto a fresh start . A beautiful sunrise . The hope for new . Scientifically it must be doing a lot . I will not be getting into that now . It just gives me a new perspective to live my day beautifully. Keeps me rejuvenated and refreshed . 

Yoga helps me to do away with my bottled stress . Which incidentally we all like to keep it in an air tight bottle with a tight cap on . Rarely it fizzes out . When it does , you leave a battlefield behind, without actually realising it . All this I have learnt through my journey. How to let go . How to de-stress?

What works best for me is my walk and yoga. One teaches me to walk away . The other one teaches me how to breathe through it and continue breathing through life. 

Of course my yoga teacher’s favourite line goes” Shireen keep breathing . Breath is important “.

Truly now I have understood the meaning of real breathing and how important breath is . 

Good morning beautiful souls!! As promised no scientific facts . Just some heartfelt of mine . 

Keep Breathing and keep walking towards a better tomorrow. 

Thursday, December 10, 2020

“ Me Time” Mandatory

 Lately I have come across a lot of dissatisfied posts from women . You can see a growing rise of frustration and antagonism in them. Reason being available 24/7. Please! Don’t get me wrong here . What I mean is . Women are juggling a lot of different roles from the same domain . 

Earlier when they stepped out for work. They would leave all their worries at home . Only concentrating on work . When they entered the house after 6 or 8 hours . That’s when they would again focus on the house and family . But now work from home could be a bane or boon , I really don’t know. 

Now she’s getting the children ready for online classes . Logs in for her work . In between she’s juggling the cooking or other household chores . Being cooped up at home all the time, could be rising her frustration levels .

Earlier she would step out and find her break . Meet friends over coffee . Catch a good movie at the theatres . Just go for some shopping . Visit a bookstore . She had a lot of choices . Her favourite would be booking her herself for a spa day .

Well! Now what you could do is , plan at home .

Allot some free or Me time . Meaning strictly yours . 

If you want to catch a movie . Treat the children to a nice one too. Play a favourite movie of theirs with popcorn . Creating the effect at home . Believe me! They will love it and so would you. 

You have to take out that time for yourself. Meet a friend. If you are apprehensive about sitting at a coffee shop . Look for an outdoor one . Grab a coffee ☕️ or maybe take the coffee and go for a short spin.

Change is inevitable and we have to live with the change by searching a new . It can be very taxing and frustrating. The reason why I’m sharing this today is , I went through my own share and discovered small ways of combating it . So far it’s worked . 

You have to take out some time for yourself. Where you are left alone doing what you like . The day you don’t feel like cooking , don’t beat yourself about it . Make it something light or call for a take away . 

The pandemic is quite stubborn. He likes us . He wants to stay and enjoy our hospitality for some more time . That was on a lighter note . 

Let’s look for ways to keep our sanity going. 

Stay blessed. Stay safe .

Keep breathing. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Live in the Moment

 “ Live in the Moment “. “ Shireen always be present in the moment”. This is how my first yoga session had started 5 years ago . In my hearts of hearts , it was all Greek and Latin to me . I was thinking , “ I’m living! Now what is living in the Moment ?

I was thinking! Now after repeatedly practising  for years . I have come to understand it so well. 

We as humans are always either thinking about the past or what has to be done I would also be doing that a lot . I was a  worrier. I would sitting in a party or a wedding and busy drafting my Mental 

Checklist . Ticking what was done . Underlining what still had to be done . It resulted in me becoming more anxious . Losing out on all the happy , fun moments with family and friends . 

I took control of my thoughts , Thanks to Yoga . Now I understand it fully . The great Pandemic has made it even more clearer . Don’t postpone anything for tomorrow. We rarely do if Tomorrow comes! Will it ? Or will it not? Who knows?

When I step out of the house . I leave my to do , not done , has to be done lists at home . I truly having fun and enjoying the moment . Enjoying myself to the hilt. Like Cinderella I enjoy the ball. Once I’m home , I get back into the attic πŸ˜‰.

The reason behind penning this down today is , many people think like this today . Just live in the moment truly . 

Do what your heart feels like . But that outfit. Have that coffee , Indulge in your favourite dessert , meet your friends, go on that road trip .

Live it !!

We are all going to go away . No one’s staying here forever!!

Good Morning beautiful souls!!

Stay blessed. Stay Safe .

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Life as a Desert

 Today my thoughts are inspired by my poem on Desert . While writing and looking up for desert pictures , these thoughts flowed into my mind . Isn’t life like a desert . 

Life starts as barren as a desert . Over the years we plant what survives in the desert. What stands against the harshness . Then sometimes we are lucky to find an oasis . A cool , refreshing one . Cool as a spring stream .

We weather the sting of Dust storms . Buried deep in it . It stings our whole being . Yet we fight and come out of the layers in which we are buried . Learning the technique of survival.

We only work hard towards searching for a lovely oasis . Which will quench our thirst . Give us some respite from the harshness . We travel miles afar . Sometimes we find it . Sometimes we keep traveling endlessly. Sometimes we do not find it in our entire journey . 

That’s Life !!

Good Morning beautiful people!! Stay blessed. Stay safe .

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Authentic Me

 How did I discover her ? Do you think it was an easy task ? In this world of shadows and veils , I had to struggle too. 

I was often called too blunt , too frank and maybe at times “ Brutually Honest”. One think about me was , What I felt in my heart!! Was always expressed in my words . I believe in saying what you feel. I’m not someone who believes in sugar coating her words . Though an ardent fan of desserts , a die hard sweet lover . Anything in chocolate beckons me from miles afar . But my words can be plain , bland and maybe sometimes sour . 

I always believed in being my true self . Authentic , honest and open . I don’t believe in mincing words . My policy is simple in life , if you are good with me , I’ll walk the ends if the world for you . But if you rub me the wrong way then you are offered the worst of me . The choice is totally yours . Okay!! Relax I’m not so bad . 

Always believe fully in what you would want to do . When you truly realise and understand yourself, you will realise your purpose too. In this journey half the problems come up because we are too busy trying to comprehend ourselves. Which in turn makes us make bad choices . You are one of a kind . Always Remember that . So do what works for you. What makes your soul sing and dance . Keeps your heart at ease. Don’t stress too much , Eveb after all this we are no way coming out of this alive . So make most of the party , while it is still on . 

Have a blessed day ahead . Keep smiling .

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Sunday Bliss

 Sunday always brings mixed emotions . I start radiating joy and positivity. As the day starts going down, towards dusk my emotions take a 360 degrees turn . I’m thinking about the week ahead . Omg !! My positivity and happiness vanish like Cinderella’s chariot at midnight . All gone in a poof!!.

Okay now let’s talk about why I’m Positive on a s Sunday morning? I start my day with usually nothing planned out to the T. I like it to unfold lazily . Just like I do now from my warm bed on a winter Sunday morning. Sit with my piping hot cup of cappuccino. Looking out at the sky . Listening to the cheerful chirping of the birds . Then I think about what boring chores I have to do . Which incidentally, I Keep putt off during the week . Usually I like to finish my work on Saturday and then unwind and recharge my batteries for the week ahead . I feel like Cinderella’s ball is over . Now “ Sweetheart back to the Attic “.

Then I plan to visit my friends who I have not met for a long time . My ideal Sunday evening would be spent by a river in a bistro with my favourite coffee and book .Listening to my friends and watching the passer bys . 

The unadulterated pleasure and joy is always found in the simplest things . Which in today’s time unfortunately we don’t spend on that too. 

I always give a few hours on Sunday to myself. Sometimes I like to get a mini spa done . My treat to my week long Cinderella self . I make her feel important too😁. Sometimes it’s just a relaxing head massage. The reason why I’m sharing this is , you don’t have to look for huge pleasures to make you happy. Learn what makes you happy even in the basic .

Believe me!! Once you have identified it , even the present scenario of the Pandemic will not affect you . 

Good Morning Beautiful souls!! I would love to hear in the comments what works for you . Let’s have an interactive session today!!

Stay blessed. Stay safe . Stay smiling!!

Keep the power on of your Million Dollar Smile 😊

Daily chores for Teenagers

 In today’s times , making teenagers self sufficient is very important. I would say mandatory. It’s a must know .

More than them knowing how to manage in life , it works on their skill development too. 

Fine motor , Gross motor, eye hand co- ordination . It’s mandatory for their movement too. 

It’s a growing need for boys and girls to knowall the household chores. From cooking ,  , washing , ironing . It’s not the domain or perogative of girls . It’s necessary for both . Today the women are busy multi tasking . They cannot be doing everything and managing everything to the hilt . Everyone has to pitch in . 

It teaches them how to manage their time . How to multi task. If tomorrow there is no help , in any given situation, they should be doing all this . 

I strongly  recommend it for teenage boys too. Just don’t be busy imparting skill development to your Princesses  , please make the Prince’s work too. 

It’s the decade to work . So strive to be meticulous like Cinderella and master the chores!!

Friday, December 4, 2020

Rebecca Kidnapped

 Rebecca rested for almost 10 days . She was feeling much better . John had never left her side for more than a couple of hours a day . He would come 2,3 times in a day and spend a long time with her . Reading to her . Taking care of her food . He was the perfect caregiver anyone could hope for. 

Tonight was a big society ball , an annual event at the Greenby’s Estate Manor House . A huge Establishment. The Creme la Creme would be here tonight . Rebecca was feeling happier after a long time . She did not want anything to mar her happiness . She wore a lovely Ruby vine velvet gown . With lace trimmings and a beautiful ruby set . She was looking a bit pale but beautiful. 

She reached the Ball in high spirits . She was like the most sought after celebrity tonight . Everyone enquiring after her health . Her friends were very happy to see her . She met John out in the dark corner of the terrace for sometime. He placed a welcoming kiss on her lips . Then they got busy with the dancing . 

As Rebecca was going towards the table to eat something. A small boy dropped a message in her palm . A folded piece of paper. She opened it and lost her colour . It just said “ Come quickly outside! It’s urgent! Waiting for you!” . It was signed as John . She panicked and without thinking twice , she walked quickly towards the door . 

She came out , there was no one . Suddenly she heard muffled footsteps . She was just turning . When she felt something hard on her scalp . Then everything became dark . 

John was watching Rebecca from across the room . He felt odd , when she was rushing towards the door . He followed her . He just came out in time to see the carriage going away . A black Hackney . Rebecca was nowhere in sight . Just then he spotted his friend. Quickly explained to him . Called their other friend, who was standing close to the door . Quickly they called for a carriage and rushed .

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The power of Exercising

 It feels bliss to be out in the open . Surrounded by nature . Listening to the chirping of birds . The sounds of Nature keep you going like none other . 

During winter it’s more paramount to exercise. Lately I have been reading a lot of posts on how people are going into Depression. The reason of course is the lack of social interaction. 

Secondly, winter tends to make you a little more inactive . This is the time when you have to get into some form of exercise . It is very easy to slip into a depressive quality of thought processes . If you want to fight it , you have to make exercise your perogative .

A walk in the park , yoga , meditation , Zumba , Aerobics , Pilates . The list is endless . Whatever makes you happy. 

To stay ahead of Winter and the pandemic. Both for your mind , body and soul , Exercising is Mandatory !!

Don’t underestimate the power of Exercising.

Another tip I would like to share is doing praynayma. During winter to increase your lung capacity. It’s very important. It keeps your body warm . Cold at bay . Gives your nature a sunny disposition . 

I can go on and on . Have an Awesome  day ahead !! 

Stay blessed. Stay Safe .

Road Trips

 Road trips are the new in thing . Always fun!! The excitement before a road trip is Immense !

The planning leaves you breathless 

Hearts fluttering 

What to pack ?

What to eat ?

Everything takes an excited Momentum!!

We keep beating to it’s Rhythm 

If the trip is with friends 

Then the frolic takes a whole new meaning!

On the way , Stops are a fun thing 

Of their own!

From snacky outdoor meals 

To the roadside cafes!!

All are visited and enjoyed!

Each becomes a singer 

Belting out their favourite numbers !

The pulsating energy keeps 

Continuing in the form of 

Jokes , Anecdotes , teasing 

It’s just endless excitement!’

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Finish Each Day

 Finish each day as it comes. Complete it . Whatever and however it was, give it a closure before you sleep . Intend for the next day to be a good one . 

We tend to carry on the misgivings and unhappiness. , into our today . That’s when we don’t “ live in the moment “. We are busy harping on our losses or how it should have been . When you learn to live each day to it’s best . 

Make a strong intention for the next day to be a good one . Universe listens to strong intentions and a stubborn heart. 

The best we can always do is hope for the best.

These small practices in life take us through the storms . Through thick and thin , we still learn to survive. 

After all life is nothing but the “ Survival of the fittest “.

This lesson the Great Pandemic has really driven home . 

What has helped many people is maintaining a gratitude journal. We tend to be caught up with so many things in life . We forget our blessings. Every day just mention in few words, what you have been grateful for . Towards the end of the month , you will have a lot to be grateful for . 

Stay blessed. Staysafe .

Practice Gratitude at all times .

Welcome June

 A beautiful new month! Aspiring to bring in new aspirations. Where there are aspirations there are expectations. Let’s measure our breaths ...