Friday, November 6, 2020

Winter Skin Tips

 The weather has suddenly turned . You can feel a dryness and an itichness . Some tips which help me . Thought of sharing with all of you . 

Tips which work for me :

1) Stay hydrated . Drink a lot of water 

2) Keep your skin moisturised at all times . This is the time when you will have to switch your moisturisers to slightly heavier ones or creamy ones . 

3) Exfoliating the skin in very important . 

4) Do not use very strong cleansers . It dries out your skin unnaturally. Sometimes leading to break outs .

5) Moisturise your skin during the day too. Many of us only do it at night . Winter calls for it . 

6) I usually dab a bit of oil all over and clean it with a damp towel. This helps the skin not to dry out faster . I usually leave the mix in a bottle or glass jar near my shower area . It helps us in remembering. The mix is grape seed Sula oil, almond oil and any essential oil ( few drops) just for fragrance. Mix equal quantities of Sula grape seed oil and Almond oil. It really works wonders .

I usually use a mix of almond oil , olive oil , coconut oil for my hair . Leaving it to assimilate together in a jar . 

This is the time when your throat feels parched and your skin is patching too. 

Be very careful of what products you use . All the oilswhich I have mentioned , please see that they are pure and organic !

Lastly enjoy the nip in the air . Personally my favourite weather . I enjoy 😉 winter evenings and the feel of crispness in the air . 

Have fun. Compiled on the insistence of few friends 😁.

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