Monday, November 9, 2020

Vibrations and connections

 These are things which we always tend to undermine . But if you trace your life path , you will find them always around . We humans are complexed . We don’t understand how we get attached and detached . It’s always a mystery!

We end up in new places . Meet people out of the blue and those people become important over the time . It’s a human maze of relations . 

Our vibrations always pull us to our calling . At the right place at the right time , things just happen . Sometimes it’s like a secret hand playing out your life chess board . 

We feel we are playing our game but we are just pawns . Always treasure your heartfelt vibrations and connections . Connections are what make the pasta of your life more interesting . 

They take us forward towards our purpose !

Purpose another important term heard often . Do we really identify our purpose or is it just our calling or simply could be vibrations. 

What it is , just simply enjoy all. 

Have a blessed day ahead 😊


  1. Very good post about vibrations and connections. Nicely written. Highly motivational. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you 😊. Truly appreciate you being here .


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