Sunday, November 1, 2020

The Shrunken Year !

 The year started like any other. Suddenly there was a sense of untoward by March . Panic ranted in the air ! Throughout the world . A catastrophic event slowly unfolding . Slowly the sense of impending doom . Then a new set of guidelines and rules made to be followed . 

At a slow pace the world moved. The year is slowly coming to an end. 2020 just shrunk . Time slowly smiled and whispered “ Worry Not ! You won’t feel it !! For once ! I’ll race faster than usual .

And he did.  What is ahead ? We know not ? Let’s just hope that, we find fun and frolic . An end to a disastrous year . Health and well being  paramount . 

Let’s pray that everything eases out for the better . A better brighter future awaits us all 😊

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