Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The need for perfection

 Today my thoughts were unusually quiet . Since morning I have been racking my brains thinking what to write . There was a lull. I gave into the lull . The restorative silence . Something compelled me to write this now . It couldn’t wait till morning. 

Lately I have been writing my poems on disturbing and heavy topics . Sometimes as a writer, I think I need the lull too.

What caught my attention at this time was a young girl’s thoughts . I didn’t realise we were living to this extreme in a make believe and to look good at any cost at all times . 

Has love also become commercial . A commodity which you can only experience if you have such and such characteristics.

Firstly the most important goes without saying looks . At the end of the day is that all that matters . 

What about a person’s pure nature . A kind temperament. Being humble . Practising kindness . Filled with compassion. Have all these become passé. 

What touched me was that girl’s soliloquy about how like a checklist love is ticked . Then people fall in love ! 

Really!! What happens if you don’t adhere to it . You are out of the game . 

A humble request teach your daughters the art of being a beautiful person from inside . Make them confident . Teach them to be courageous and brave . How to be kind . Looks should come last . 

Being confident and unique. They don’t need anyone’s approval to be accepted . They just need their own . Educate them so that they walk confidently on the path of life . 

Change your outlook!! Adorn them with confidence and Education. 

Teach them to face life as best as they can . 

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