Thursday, November 19, 2020


 Gratitude should be the essence of our life . I have always liked the feel about Thanksgiving. Practised with friends and family . Showing your gratitude to all . Sharing your heart , hearth and grub . 

For me every day is Thanksgiving. Everyday is an opportunity to practice gratitude . I have come across many people during the gratitude who have lost their will . They feel everything is lost . But I always think , it could have been much worse . 

I would like to share an incident where I learnt my first lesson of gratitude . A memoir which I hold dearly to . I had seen a beautiful eraser in a stationery shop . I must have been 8 then . I asked my father to buy it for me . He was a very indulgent father . But a stickler for manners as well . For some reason that day he did not buy it for me . I was a bit upset like how an 8 year old would react . We decided to go to our favourite joint at Hardees . I loved the burgers there . 

As we were going in , we came across a boy of 10 . Sitting alone and wiping his tears . My dad asked him in Arabic “ What had happened “?. He hesitatingly replied that he had lost his parents in an Accident. His remaining family was in Iraq . My father called the police . So that he could be in safe hands . We made him wash his hands and bought him burgers and a drink . By then the police had come and took him and promised to trace his family . 

I still remember the smile on that boy’s face . Something about it had touched me . 

Practising gratitude with family and friends is beautiful.

But to do it with a complete stranger is the best. 

Let’s practice Thanksgiving for what we have and intend for the world to become safer , happier and a beautiful place for Mankind . 

May the people of the world know immense joy . Compassion and kindness to fill the far reaches of the Universe . 

Stay safe . Stay Blessed.

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