Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Teenage guide

 Adolescence the hardest and most confusing stage . For the care givers , parents and the adolescent themselves. It’s a phase where there is tremendous transition and unsurity.

Dealing with this it’s a Herculean task ! Some pointers which have helped me dealing with my adolescent students . 

Adolescents are always searching . It’s like they are on an exploring , self-designated journey . The biggest problem is with an unknown destination in mind . 

They will carry a lot of sensitivity around them at this time . Tread with care . Anything you do or say could work for you or against you . It’s like you are handling a very sensitive case in the court . You are the lawyer. How you deal with it , could build your case with your witness . 

They need very strong egos and role models to look upto now . Compassion with assertiveness . How you mix the two is very important. To make an Adolescent trust in you and confide it’s not less than receiving the”  Nobel Prize “! 

Believe me ! 

Sometimes they come with you with their past hurts and traumas . They might just want you to listen to them without judging. Days like that seal your lips . Just be their sound box . Honour them . 

Some days they might come looking to you for Advice. 

Remember! An adolescent will go through severe mood swings . One day they will look the happiest. The next day they will be down in the doldrums. 

Motivating an adolescent at all times is the main requisite . But has to be done subtly. The minute they feel your pandora box of Advices is open , you have lost them. 

To motivate them you have to get down to doing it . To motivate my daughter in exercising . I’m seen more often at the park and on the yoga mat then her 😁.

It’s a beautiful phase. Let them experience it . Their crushes , their likes , feelings . Let them go thorough it. The more you suppress , the more difficult adulthood will become for them . 

What stays suppress in the system finds it way out somehow . 

Listen to them ! They want that !

Academics ! Another Battlefield with the parents . Both standing across on the Battleground. Facing each other like the worst enemies. 

Let them choose their field of interest . Do not force your likes and dislikes on them . It’s not fair !!

For an Adolescent exercising is Paramount. They have to exercise. Their body needs it . 

Again ! What they like !

I’ll come up with more in few weeks . 

Have a lovely day ! Enjoy your journey with an Adolescent!!

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