Saturday, November 14, 2020


 This one  word has all the power packed into it . How often we need it? We long to be filled with it . But this is the hardest . The strength to fight the battles of lives .

There is no soul who has not known sorrow , pain or sadness . Each shall taste it like death . In their own way . It’s true . How best we learn to fight and overcome it , is where our strength lies . 

Some days it’s hard . Some phases in life are impossible. That’s when you have to build agood support system around you and draw from your inner reserves of strength. 

There was an incident from college which has stayed with me till today . It gave me a lot of strength then . I was not in the best of moods . I decided to go for a walk . On my walk , I came across a man who had lost all his limbs . He just waited near the entrance. I still remember his smile . A beautiful brilliant smile and a twinkle in his eyes. I learnt my biggest lesson. Not from a text book . Not in the 4 walls of my class room . 

Later on I went back and read the poem “ Vagabond “ . One of my favourites. I still do . 

“ Leisure “ another favourite of mine . So beautifully penned down . 

The brightest smiles and the twinkles came from the ones who materialistically had very little . They had the true treasures !

Remember our journey itself is a treasure of sorts . Cherish it ! Make it worthwhile !

Stay blessed. Stay safe .


  1. Reading about that man who has no limbs does pit things in perspective. 😀

  2. Yes. Making us realise so many things , we take for granted.


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