Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Sanjana’s Roka

 Sanjana woke up on a cheerful note . She sat in meditative silence for a while . Thinking of what lay ahead . Today was truly the turning point in her life . That’s where it ended . There was a loud knock on the door. 

The house was a buzz with activity . The flower decorators were already here . The caterers were setting up the tables and arranging the chairs . Sanjana was quickly made to have her breakfast. By the time she could catch her breath , the girl who was going to apply Mehendi had come . She was just settling when her friends walked in . After that it was a blur . After Mehendi they all gathered for lunch. She had just finished lunch and was watching the decoration being completed, when her dress came from the tailors . It looked beautiful!! Her favourite colours !! Her friends rushed her to the room , the girl from the parlour had come. One after the other and by the time she realised , it was 7.30 in the evening. Sanjana looked beautiful in her outfit and jewellery!! Ready for the evening!!

Just then the excited chatter of guests was heard . Amit’s family had arrived too. She was taken down and the ceremony started . Sanjana’s fate sealed with the beautiful diamond on her finger . It winked back at her !!

Dinner followed and her friends danced on beautiful numbers . It was festivity all the way !!

Amit and Sanjana stoke some quiet moments !

Amit asked her “ How does it feel “?

She laughed “ It hasn’t sunk in yet “!

The wedding was in a month’s time. 

Sanjana would have to get down to work immediately. Lots had to be done !!

The house looked beautiful. After everyone had gone ,  She sat with her sisters for a while . Enjoying coffee together. She turned and looked back at the house . It had given her warmth , shelter and happiness. She became poignant, she would be leaving it soon . 

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