Sunday, November 29, 2020


 After a long time and through a lot of trials, I’m at my most rested . Surprised! 

During the pandemic, how is she managing to be so rested . This question must be popping in your minds as you read through it . 

Yes ! The realisation hit me , when I realised sub consciously , I stopped planning ahead . 

Now I truly live in the moment . Take each day as it comes. I just strive to do the best I can “ Today “, just “ Today “. 

Tomorrow is not promised . I don’t know what tomorrow will bring . Nothing is promised . Only what you have now .

What matters is the power of you . And how well you live in the now . 

Pandemic taught me the best lesson of life “ Don’t plan , Don’t stress “

Being a moderate “ OCD” myself . I always needed everything planned well in Advance . Systematically and meticulously running my monthly schedule . Stressing if it would go haywire . Now I just live by the day . And believe me , I’m a much happier being . 

Truly rested and calm . 

Stay blessed. Stay safe . 

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