Thursday, November 12, 2020

Rebecca Threatened

 Her uncle had recognised Rebecca. He was furious . He hated his brother’s family . Perfect way to extract vengeance! He thought to himself. He knew about John’s group too . The secret service of theirs was well hidden . But known to him.

He called his aide and entrusted him with a threatening letter. He wanted it to be discreetly dropped at Rebecca ‘s house . The needful was done . Rebecca woke up to this . She was going to meet John at mid day . Before that she quickly called for her group meeting. They met at Janette’s house . 

She briefed them about what happened. And urged them to be careful. They in turn urged her to be cautious. They decided to meet tonight at the candlelight dinner . The biggest event hosted by Marquis Steele at his Country  Manor House .

Rebecca was just in time to meet John . He was already there . He greeted her with a brilliant smile . She quickly told him what happened. He was very worried . They decided to be on the look out . 

They were going to be meeting at the dinner . He hugged her tight and asked her to be very careful tonight. 

He kissed her on the forehead and watched her long after she left . 

A worried frown  gracing his expression.

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