Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Rebecca Attacked

 It was a beautiful sunny morning. Sisters of Charity met at the “ Tea House “ fulfilling their monthly ritual . Once a month their meeting was held here . They enjoyed their sandwiches, tea cakes and their favourite fragrant tea . Today the mood was a little somber. They discussed the happenings and dispersed quickly. They were going to meet at the candlelight dinner tonight . 

Rebecca had to visit the hat shop . She stopped there picked her hat and went home . 

She was wearing a cream and burgundy gown tonight. She took time in dressing today. It was the biggest event of the year . She was excited to see John . She looked beautiful. Ruby and pearls decorating her slender throat . 

They reached the Manor House done up beautifully in candles and flowers . They were seated at their places and treated to a live musical . The candlelight playing different hues on the seated guests . It looked right out of the fairy tale . John motioned to her discreetly to meet him outside. Rebecca met him in the Gazebo . He couldn’t resist it . She looked irresistible tonight. He took her in his arms and kissed her for long . They were inseparable for sometime. Then suddenly remembered the dinner and went in . They would be missed . 

They quickly went and sat and continued socialising . Just as Rebecca was getting up from the table . She found a note next to her plate . It said “ Meet me in the library! Quick “ It was signed by John .

Thinking he had to say something, she quickly went towards it . As she was going, she heard footsteps behind her . She turned and suddenly she was hit from behind . She fainted with a loud thud .

John had seen her earlier going towards the library. He reached her just in time as she fainted . He quickly carried her in his arms and left the party . Her mother met him outside. She looked all worried and flustered . John assured her and offered to follow them . Her parents looked very worried .

They quickly reached her house . The doctor was called . He checked and said she might be out till tomorrow morning due to the impact . Otherwise she looked fine . John offered to stay at their house in case they needed anything.

John was now more worried than ever !

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