Monday, November 9, 2020

Note to my Dad

 My journey started with reading fairy tales with my dad . Today as a blogger , when I look back it feels like a long path . I still remember sitting in his lap and listening to fairy tales . Then to be tucked into bed by him . Being read every night religiously by him . Today I owe it to him . I miss him the most today . 

It’s a truly turning point in my life . So many firsts of mine , without you , I achieved . Today I miss you the most . You would have truly been the happiest . I always feel your quiet presence in all my stages of different achievements . 

Today my success of the blog , I gift it to you . An ode to all you taught me . You were always the strongest force and support of my life . Though physically not with me . I always felt you with me at every point . 

Today I owe it to you for my achievement . I would like to dedicate it to you .

I miss you today the most . But I know you are smiling from up there . Applauding my achievement from there . My flair for writing inherited from you . 

Some heartfelt musings of the poet . 

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