Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Nomadic Tribe

 I was sitting this morning. Alone and undisturbed with my coffee . The chirping of birds and the sounds of nature breaking the still quietness of the morning. Both my favourites . 

I sat thinking about Gypsies . I don’t know why ? Sometimes , it’s just something, which makes me write . Aren’t we all nomadic and Gypsies ?

Yes ! We are ! Where we are meant to be , we just keep following that path. It could be your work , your passion , or just your calling . Half your life you might have lived somewhere . Loving that place to the hilt . Then suddenly you uproot and try looking for something new . 

We are nomadic . Always looking for something new . Be prepared in life for anything. Sometimes at the most unexpected time you are uprooted , re - planted and re - grown . 

Life and it’s adventures! we are the Adventurers who follow it !!

Have a lovely day 😊

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