Thursday, November 5, 2020


 Am I a Mirage ! Wondered to myself. As I was going through some experiences from my bygones , this thought popped up . What am I ?

Am I ,what I think I am ? The mirage created by people based  on their experiences with me . The one looking from the mirror is her true self ! 

It’s interesting to know how differently people gage you . Some will find you kind . Some will say you are proud . Some only speak about your temper . But I wondered truly ! What actually am I ?

Each one of us will deal differently with life circumstances so that’s definitely going to reflect somewhere . Humans are moody , we do get angry , hurt , upset . We are also sensitive beings . Can you all the time be positive , smiling and cheerful? No matter how much a person proclaims , it’s highly impossible. 

And it shouldn’t be too. How are we humans then . Honour every emotion in life . That’s what will make you what you are ! 

Don’t worry about what people think about you . They might be judging you from a space they are coming from . 

One most important requisite is “ Communication “. People who truly matter in your life journey. Keep the communication open . Differences just erode good relationships. Ego is another spoilsport . Who ruins the relationship games in the playground of life . 

Stay happy. Value the ones who value you . Love those who love you selflessly . Practice gratitude . Spread kindness. 

Don’t forget your million -dollar smile 😊 

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