Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Message in a bottle

Imagine you are walking down the beach on a beautiful, sunkissed morning . Enjoying the calm and solitude . Thinking to yourself , what is in store for me ? Suddenly your toe touches something cool . You bend up and find a bottle and a parchment . 

Wouldn’t you be excited to open it . You open it and find a beautiful message from beyond “ Live your life to be best . Fill it with laughter , joy and kindness. Let all your dreams , hopes and aspirations become a reality . Let all see the light of the day”.

What would you feel after reading this ? A new surge of hope ! Wanting and willing to do the same . It’s the same like reading a fortune cookie.  Don’t we get excited momentarily . It does  make us think for sometime. 

Every morning give yourself a fortune cookie and a message. See how your whole being radiates with positivity. We need motivators like these . 

Have a blessed day ahead 😊

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