Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Makeup suggestions

 This comes out on the insistence of my friends. We are almost into the celebration and festive reason . Nip in the air also is a beautiful add on . 

My winter shades are always a bit darker . With the festive season , it’s wonderful to play with dark colours . Winter does call for it . 

Some of my favourite lipsticks from different brands are as follows :

1) Mac - Ruby woo, Meher , Twig, Creme in your coffee , All fired up and party line . 

2) L’Oréal- Divine Mocha ,Beige Reveur and pure rouge .

3) Maybelline -Path finder (155) super stay Matt ink .

Others have good shades too . I’m experimenting with My Glamm too . Once I’m certain about a shade , I’ll come back with more . 

Many of you might be wondering, with the mask on . What’s the use ?

Why not ! Wear your shades . Enjoy the festive season like any other time . Don’t let the pandemic take that from you . 

Eye liners :

I’m expirementing with a lot of greys , greens and blues . Avon has come up with a beautiful grey crayon liner . Mix and match the colours . You can expirement with different smokey eyed hues . I enjoy matching these colours . Grey and green , grey and blue , blue and green  . Whatever works for you. 

Remember! The golden rule is to be confident in whatever colour you use . The best beauty blogger is you ! 

What you feel best in !! Enjoy the season of colours !! 

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