Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Lost Moments with my Dad

 I was all of 9 when I lost you forever!

Your earthly journey ended forever! I lived more without you than with you . But our bond was strengthened even after you left for your heavenly abode !! untimely !

Life went on . I went on the path taught by you . Life wasn’t easy . But perseverance and strength took me through ! Today again the realisation hit me in all my major milestones of life you could never be with me . But no moment goes without missing you . You were an epitome of true values . You were an ideal for many . You were always the life of a gathering . No guest of ours left without a smile and a full stomach . 

From sports to spirituality a perfect mix . The lesson of self respect was driven right home to me at a tender age . He would always say “ The most important in life is your “ Self Respect “ . Never knock at a door again where you are not respected . Take your responsibilities seriously and always be kind to others . Thankful and Grateful when you are blessed . Never look at people who might have been blessed more than you . Look at the ones who have nothing. Then you’ll always be satisfied and contented . He never instilled the importance of materialistic value in me . His values were much deeper !!

Though it’s been almost 35 years since you have left us . People still remember you so fondly and always say” What a man he was ! “ 

What more do we need in life . And it always makes me proud to be your daughter. 

Today for the first time my poem got published in a book . My long awaited dream come true . I dedicate it to you . In your fond memory , I shall continue penning my thoughts . Till we meet again 😊

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