Monday, November 2, 2020

Lost Moments Forever

 Today I was remiscing about my childhood memories . The part which I missed the most is the carefree and cheerful spirit I was . I long to feel the unabashed sunshine while I ran around the park . I fell , scrapped my knees . I got up brushed them and went about playing again . The pure spirit of joy and happiness running through me like a gentle glowing river . 

How we used to look foraward to our weekly sojourn at the park , every Thursday evening. My cousins and I gathered excitedly. Already 

devising the games to play . Of course ! Food also was a very important part . And not to forget our favourite ice- creams . We would run and play to our heart’s content . 

Our parents would be either just watching us or taking a walk . All enjoying at their own pace. No rush and no pressure . After that we usually headed to our favourite pizza or burger joint . Sometimes it would be our shawarma joint . Then head out to the ice - cream parlour. We would come home tired, satisfied and satiated . 

Drenched in happiness and sweat . Yet happiest to the core . How I miss those days !

Our Friday mornings would be spent on the beach . 40 of us would gather . Playing and frolicking in the water . Making sandcastles and collecting sea shells . So happy in our little treasures . We would come back tanned and hot . Grainy and Happy !! 

Our lunch was fixed after a beachy sojourn . Fried Rice and Sweet n Sour chicken or fish . Sometimes if my granny was in a loving mood , which she always was , she would make her pomfret fry . It was lip smacking and would leave you licking your fingers for a long time . 

In the evening we go for a small walk to the stationers . Buying our special stationery for school and one we liked for our collection . 

Delighted with our treats we came back home !

I miss those days spent in Kuwait . Each memory etched forever on my soul 😊

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