Saturday, November 14, 2020

Light of Hope continues

 Sanjana woke up next morning feeling elated . For sometime there would  be a lot of excitement in the house . Literally! She quickly got dressed and went down. She was just sitting with her mug of coffee, when Rahul came in and said “ Sanjana I was looking for you ! 

Before she could ask him. He continued . “ I need a huge favour from you . Could you please take Amit for shopping? He needs to buy a kurta for our celebration “!

Before she could make up her mind, Amit walked in . She politely conceded. She wanted to kill Rahul for putting her in a spot . 

They quickly left after breakfast. Amit was an epitome of good manners . They discussed quite a few things on the way . They reached the store , which  had the best stock for Diwali . Amit tried a lot of kurtas and finally decided to buy . Both incidentally Sanjana ‘s choice . One was beautiful beige and golden , the other a deep brick red and golden . 

They stopped to look at a pair of jhumkas in the next store . Sanjana was almost going to buy it . Then she decided not to . Sanjana was window shopping when suddenly Amit told her he needed to get something. He urged her to wait at the coffee shop . 

They quickly headed back home for the dinner . More guests were expected. Some more cousins and an uncle and aunt . 

Sanjana decided to wear a beautiful strawberry pink and gold saree . It was one of her favourites . She had wanted to buy the jhumkas to go with this . She was thinking to herself as she was looking for another pair to wear . She muttered to herself “ I should have just picked it up” 

Just then there was a knock on the door . Amit was standing with a gift bag . He said “ This is a small gift for you . Thank you for taking me around today . I hope you like it “!

Saying this he turned away . Sanjana took some time to comprehend . She opened the box . She couldn’t believe it ! Her favourite jhumkas were nestling and winking at her from the velvet box .

She quickly wore them and went down . She got a lot of compliments. 

Later on when they were sitting on the lawn with their midnight coffees . Amit whispered to her “ My choice is good right “!

Sanjana was in a naughty mood “ she winked  and answered “ The jhumkas ! Yes !!

Amit laughed . He had meant her . 

They bid good night to each other and went to their rooms with a dreamy smile .

Stay tuned for more .

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