Monday, November 16, 2020

Light of Hope Lit

 Day of Diwali dawned bright and clear . There was a lot of excited fervour in the house . Everyone was getting ready for the evening. Sanjana was very busy whole day . Organising the last minute things . Amit and Rahul were out . They came in late . By that time Sanjana had gone to her room . Rahul quickly gathered his parents and sisters and told them about Amit’s decision . He wanted to marry Sanjana . They were all very happy and truly excited. 

Rahul’s father cleared his throat and said “ 

Beta ! We truly don’t have any objection. But the decision rests with Sanjana !

Amit replied “ Yes ! Uncle , I truly understand “.

They all got busy getting ready for the evening. Sanjana wore a beautiful red and gold suit specifically designed by her designer friend . She wore her traditional gold jewellery to accentuate her suit . Her kohl lined eyes were done beautifully tonight. But what stood out was the sparkle and twinkle in her eyes.

Everyone gathered for the celebrations. Amit wore the emerald green kurta gifted by her . He looked good too. While everyone was busy , Sanjana quietly slipped out to light her Diya of Hope . She wandered to herself. Would this year be any different. 

Just then Amit came and cleared his throat . He  said “ Sanjana I really like you . I have grown very fond of you . The qualities I always looked for in my life partner , they all resound in you . Would you do me the honours of being my life partner “.

Sanjana took some time. But deep down she felt the same . She agreed . They hugged each other . Finally both of them together lit her Diya of Hope .

There was a lot of excitement and teasing in the house tonight .

Amit’s parents were coming in 2 days for the Roka ceremony . Stay tuned for the wedding celebrations in the house !!

A lot of excitement in store 😊

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