Monday, November 16, 2020

Lessons unfolded

 I came into this world with a loud gusty cry . Keeping the whole hospital ward awake at 5 in the morning 😉. Then started the lesson of don’t do this , don’t touch that . 

Then progressed to can do this and you cannot do that . Didn’t realise when I stepped into my teens . More lessons in Modals of life ! From my literature class to countless grammar exercises it was put in practise in my life lesson . You must do and must not do this . Okay . Understood ! 

Then came the next . You should know this and you shouldn’t be doing this .

Then shall’s and will’s redefined . 

In the journey of learning modals and literally putting it into practise . 

I have stayed with this now . I will do what I want to or rather what I feel like. .

Modals redefined and understood in my own way . 

My new discovery of accepting what I want to do . Pursuing me calling . Enjoying my new found freedom to voice what I want on the quiet crisp white sheets !

Who quietly smile while I relentlessly voice everything !

Good Morning beautiful souls!!! 

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