Monday, November 9, 2020

House of Trades

 Lady Rebecca White was summoned by John . They hurriedly met at the park . John asked her about her investigation. She pretended not to know about anything. After a lot of coaxing, she confessed . She told him about the contact living in the “ House of Trades “.

John instantly told her “ You cannot be seen there . A woman of your noble origin “ . Rebecca was also equally adamant . John agreed only if she disguised herself. She decided to wear a glittery mask . He informed the other members of his club . 2 of them were going to accompany her . 

Finally they reached it . It was loud and cheap . Decorated in gold and red . A constant stream of men walking in and out . John did not like getting Rebecca here one bit . Finally with great difficulty, they located their contact . After tactfully cornering her alone they got the information. Rebecca was shocked , it was her paternal uncle , who was behind all this . 

She met few more women , each one’s story more heart rending than the other . She wowed to discuss it with the sisters of Charity . She wanted to work for these women . The shunned members of their society . Yet all the elite did pay them a visit at some point . 

Some of them were sold , some of them duped and some out of a need to earn found themselves here . Woman who had lost the men in their family . They knew no trade . No means of supporting themselves . Rebecca thought to herself. They had to be taught some skill . They had to be furnished with confidence . Give them a means to earn . 

They quietly left the place . John knew there had to be more people involved. It was a group . So far they had got one name . Touching him would be very risky . They had to keep an eye on him and infiltrate slowly. 

John took Rebecca home to help her get out of the disguise . They sat for sometime together. John could not resist planting a kiss on her freshly washed face . He wished he could keep her longer . Rebecca wanted to keep sitting by the fireplace tucked cozily in his arms . Sadly , all good things have to come to an end . She left for home . He had promised to meet her tomorrow at the “ Tea House “ again . Rebecca was due for a visit to the seamstress tomorrow.

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