Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Health of your Mind

 This has lately been a growing concern . Compelling me to write a little more on this . Each one deals differently with stress . But at the end of the day there is one thumb rule that takes us through life” Survival of the fittest”!.

True ! But are we here  in a competition to prove ourselves how fit we are . No ! Not at all! We are here to just realise our purpose and make the most of our journey while we are still here . 

The pandemic has taken its toll on many . The fear and anxiety is eating into many . Some have financial stress , some are bogged down with emotional anxiety and for some it’s the fear of the Pandemic itself. 

Remember this ! Every decade has been put through this . They have fought and emerged victorious .

I think what is missing is the social aspect . We are social animals ! We have to meet people. Do meet them but be cautious. Go out into the open.  Meet in the park . Organise a small picnic . If your house is big enough, meet by practising social distancing. Sanitize and wear masks when going out on a group . Go for a short drive . Pick up an ice- cream or coffee depending on the weather . Go for a walk out in the open . Listen to your favourite music . Be connected to your loved ones ! 

I repeat ! The sense of being isolated is a killer ! 

Do not let that happen. Take up your favourite hobby . Join an online class . Yoga , meditation, Zumba , Aerobics or any other which you like . If you are a creative person join a creative craft class . If you reading books , join a book reading club . If you cannot find one , make one with your friends. The ones who are interested. 

Let not the pandemic take anything away from you . Learn to manoeuvre around it . Not to give into it . 

If nothing play some music and dance . Sit out in the open and listen to the sounds of nature . 

Stay happy. Stay positive. Stay blessed.

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