Sunday, November 1, 2020

Goals set for a new month

 Honestly ! I always have a mental checklist or a to do list !!

Journals and diaries , I used to do once upon a time !

But lately , I have thought of it. .

Yearly goals sound very far fetched and it tends to put us off . Whereas a  monthly goal list is more doable. Set out very few important ones . Don’t overwhelm yourself. The most important point is to let it go too. If at the beginning of the next month, you realise that you have only achieved few . It’s totally fine . Don’t beat yourself over it . See how much you could achieve :

Monthly goal list :

Exercise - what have you done and what would you like to do in the following month .

Diet - what did you achieve .

Finances - what were the pros and cons .

Hobby - Did you take up anything new or still trying to pursue the old one ☝️ .

De-cluttering - Were you successful? If not ! What would you like to do  about it ?

Reading - Anything interesting?

Painting-  Tried anything New ?

Time Management- Do you believe in it ?

Social work -  Have you undertaken anything in that regard ?

Bettering yourself- Did I do anything towards it ?

Socialising - How could I fit in ? What more do I need to do ?Was I able to catch up with my friends ?

Shopping - Was I a spendthrift or did I sensibly Shop ? 

You could go ahead and add more . I have written, what I feel is important! 

You could list   down your more specific goals pertaining to you 

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