Saturday, November 21, 2020

Excitement in the house

 Sanjana woke up with a beaming smile . Truly a turning point in her life . There was a little sadness , she missed her parents dearly . Wish they were with her today to share her joy . 

Her sisters came knocking. She was quickly rushed through her breakfast and was headed to the tailor . Then was dropped at the parlour , while they ran some errands . They had lunch out. Came back home in the evening. 

The flower decorator was already discussing the details with her brother and uncle . In total there were 75 guests . The caterer was waiting for them . They quickly ran through the list and finalised . By 8 in the evening everyone was tired but happy . Everything had fallen in place . 

Her uncle and aunt were truly happy but a little sad . They would miss Sanjana. Sanjana would be leaving for London after her wedding. 

Everyone sat after dinner for sometime out on the lawns . Quickly running through the last minute details . The Mehendi lady was coming early in the morning to do Sanjana and her sisters Mehendi . So far everything looked to be in place .

Sanjana bid everyone good night. Her friends were coming in the morning to help her out . How life changed ? 

Who knew this Diwali her light of Hope would be lit Finally !!

She sent up a silent prayer of gratitude 😊

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