Friday, November 13, 2020

Essence of Celebration

 Why is it that we always look forward to  celebrations ? What is that makes us excited ? What do we actually do ?

I always enjoyed celebrating festivals with my cousins and friends. It was the joy of being together. Sharing a meal , catching up , laughing on anecdotes. The simple joy of just being together. The feeling of happiness would always be immense. Festivals deep down teach you the oneness . The importance of sharing a meal with your loved ones . Dropping all the negativity and looking forward to positivity. 

Personally I have always looked forward to all the festivals. It feels like I’m a part of a big happy family . A part of each one somewhere along the way. 

During the pandemic the festive  fervour has dimmed a bit . Due to social distancing, it might not be the same . But let not the joy be wiped out . Look for means to spend time with your near and dear ones . With a small number of relations . Maybe a zoom party with your near and dear ones . Find means !! Let the joy and excitement take you through !!

Remember it’s just a bend in the road not an end !! 

Stay blessed. Stay safe and stay positive beautiful souls !!

Soon we are all going to rock again to the old tunes !!

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