Sunday, November 22, 2020

Doorway to Life

 This morning I came across a beautiful picture of a pink doorway . Decorated beautifully with fresh flowers . It was a breath taking vision . Clean and pink . Scented and floral .

I thought to myself imagine our life doorway like this . What would we bringing into our lives then ? Scented floral bouquets of wishes coming into your lives . 

Life unfolds how we visualise it . Always look for something positive . It’s very easy to be bogged down by anxiety , worries and disappointments. We are humans so at some time we might given in to disappointments. If you do learn to bounce back again !! More fiesty and with more gusto !

All days are not the same !! If there’s darkness there will be light too . Dusk gives rise to a new dawn . If the tunnel is dark , there will be light towards the end of it . 

Go with this belief in life that you will get what is meant for you . We all have been given our own share . When we learn to be satisfied with it, our purpose is realised . 

I always think ! No matter how much we have we all have to leave it behind and go onwards to our next destination.

My favourite is a page from history . Alexander ‘s dying words “ Keep my hands out and show the world how I’m going empty handed from the world . All left behind !! “

Play your part in the best possible way and leave the rest to the universe 😊It foo plays its part 😊

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