Wednesday, November 11, 2020


 Today I woke up with this thought . How many times we have danced to life’s tune. It’s the biggest musician of all times . From birth to death , we are only dancing to it’s numerous tunes . 

At times we are rocking and rolling . There are times when we are softly dancing and enjoying the soul music . At times it’s a mad frenzy . Then it’s a foot  tapping Invirogating salsa . The best is waltzing in the arms of your favourite person. From high pitched to low pitched , we are doing it all. 

Then the most touching is dancing in the rain alone to your heart music . The tears mixing with the rain and gently falling by your feet . 

But don’t we beautifully manage all the beats ! Without even realising that we ever had to dance to so many different tunes !! 

How many roles we play in life !

Just a different take on life ! 

The highest is when we reach the crescendo above all this and find our true purspose . Then it’s just the crescendo just takes you ahead . 

It’s like when we are children our choice of music is different . As you keep growing up different likes at different stages . But the last one that stays is the crescendo. 

Discover your crescendo!!

Stay blessed. Stay safe !

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