Friday, November 6, 2020

Chance Meeting

 Lady Rebecca White got a missive from her friends , to meet at the market . They were going for their monthly shopping sojourn . New fabrics had come into the market . They needed trimmings , laces from their seamstress. New gowns had to be ordered for the countryside events . It was a never ending story . 

Lady Rebecca White wore her lemon yellow walking day dress . It was a lovely colour making her look even more beautiful .

.It complimented  her natural auburn highlights and her eyes . She was excited to meet her friends. They were going to stop at their favourite “ Tea House “ for tea and scones. One of her favourites after the shopping . 

They visited the seamstress, ordered their gowns . Explained the trimmings . They found good fabric in the market . They ordered their matching hats too. Finally they sat at the “ Tea House “ and ordered their favourites.

They ordered dainty sandwiches too. Special homemade chocolates had just come in . They were served those too. Just then John walked in with his friend . John and Rebecca both instantly happy to see each other there . He joined their group along with his friend on 

their request. It was very enjoyable. They all got busy discussing the events of the past few days . 

John quietly whispered to Rebecca “ You look beautiful today “!

She blushed to her roots !

He gave a soft , naughty chuckle !!

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