Thursday, November 19, 2020

Celebrations Galore

 There was excitement since early morning. Amit had gone to receive his parents and siblings . His sister had come with her family. Her brother was here with his . Amit was moving in with them at the hotel . 

They would be coming later on for dinner to fix the Roka ceremony. The house was made ready for the guests . Sanjana was busy in the kitchen supervising and helping with the dinner preparations. Her sisters had to literally drag her out of there bodil.Reprimanded and sent  to her room to get ready just in time for Dinner . 

Sanjana wore a beautiful light green and golden suit . She looked Elegant . She kept her jewellery simple . She was just finishing her make up , when the door bell rang . She could hear the excited chatter from downstairs. Just then her sister Preeti came and winked . Taking her down . 

Amit’s family were very warm . Instantly putting her at ease . It was lovely interacting with all . The Roka was fixed for day after. Her outfit was brought by them . A beautiful Rose pink and golden . Incidentally her favourite colour . 

They had a lovely time . They all left but Amit stayed back . Urging Sanjana to go with him for coffee. Sanjana agreed .

They spoke at length about their likes and dislikes . Amit wanted to put her at ease . He also wanted to know how she felt about his family  . 

Amit was very happy. He dropped her back and headed back to the hotel . 

Her sisters were waiting for her . Quickly planning the next day with her . Their first stop would be at the tailor . Her outfit had to be ready . Then they had to go to the boutique to pick clothes for them . There was a lot of excitement in the house . 

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks .

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