Sunday, November 15, 2020

Celebrations continue

 The Diwali celebrations were underway . The household was being decorated with flowers and diyas . 

More guests were expected. Till Diwali it would be like this . Sanjana was helping with the preparation of sweets in the kitchen. Just then Amit came . He started helping her too . Sanjana was feeling bad that he was helping her , instead of enjoying. After they were done. He hesitatingly asked her “ Could you please take me to the store to buy Diwali gifts for everyone! I don’t want to put you out . If you could help me , it would be nice “.

Sanjana agreed and went to get ready . She wanted to get Amit something for Diwali too . 

They quickly bought the gifts and decided to have lunch out . They finished and came back home . Just in time for Chothi Diwali dinner . They both went to get ready . Tonight Sanjana was wearing a burnt orange and pink Traditional Banarasi suit . She wore her traditional jhumkas and flowers . 

She came down in time as the first guests arrived . She was doing  the finishing touches. Just then Amit walked in . He complimented her “ you look beautiful tonight ! He look mesemerised . She smiled at him “ you look dapper too ! “

Then she took out the beautiful kurta she had bought for him . A beautiful emerald green kurta . He loved it . He said “ l’ll wear it for Diwali “

He took out a gift bag for him . He gifted her Diwali gift . He had bought a beautiful baby pink and gold saree for her . He had seen her eyeing it at the store . She loved it . 

After that she got busy . Then late at night , they sat together having coffee. 

They spoke for sometime and bade good night to each other . 

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