Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Candle in the wind

 Today I came across this image . My today’s inspiration. I don’t know what got me writing. 

As a child , I was always fascinated by pretty candles . I would look at them and would feel a new surge of hope within me . Till today candles still hold a special place within me . I still like burning them or decorating them . Pretty , scented ones . But today what I would like to write is something which runs deeper than just burning them .My birthdays would be a special event celebrated with a lot of excitement till my father was alive . After that , I completely hated celebrating it . Somehow I would not like lighting the candles . As a child I associated hope with it . Deep down I related to the hope , maybe which had subconsciously died within me . 

It took me years to come out of it . But it’s strange , that till today , it’s still hard for me to celebrate my birthday. As humans we are constantly visualising a simple act with something profound . 

I never understood till much later the simple act of the candle burning , what in reality it held for me . When I attended different workshops read different books . Specially Louise Hays , spoke to different people.,It started becoming clearer . Then when I took up psychology as a major  subject and studied it in depth . That in turn helped me understanding myself better . 

The reason I’m sharing this today is . In my journey as a teacher , I have come across countless instances with my students. Do not undermine or underplay a simple association of theirs with something. It could have a much deeper meaning . Even a drawing . If they are repeatedly drawing something, it speaks of a need within them . 

Remember this ! No matter how happy a person looks , sorrow does touch each one at some point differently . Each fights that battle to the best way he knows . 

Like I always say “ Always be kind and there for someone. At some point, someone may reach out to you “.

Stay blessed beautiful souls 😊💐

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